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Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Honorary Officers
The Honorary Officers are a group of volunteers who give of their time and expertise to assist and support KZN Wildlife in their mission “to ensure effective conservation and sustainable use of KwaZulu Natal’s biodiversity in collaboration with stakeholders for the benefit of present and future generations”
Forest Hills 1st Hill Community Watch
The 1st Hill Community Watch is an initiative by residents to ensure that the area remains a desirable area in which to live
Highway Amateur Radio Club
The aims of HARC is to promote the interests of its members in all aspects of amateur radio and electronics
KBD Hatchery
KBD Hatchery is a local hatchery in Durban, that breeds Rhode Island Red chickens. We started in 2014 through my love and interest in animals.
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve
Just inland of Durban, on the coastal escarpment between Pinetown and Hillcrest, is the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. Situated only 4km from the centre of Kloof, this reserve was established by the Natal Parks Board in 1950 and is now managed by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.